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Section 17

Section 17 of the Indian Act as a means of recognition

Today, through the efforts of dedicated volunteers, the Michel Callihoo Nation Society is advocating for Band recognition under Section 17 of the Indian Act with added consideration of Bill C-38. Under the Indian Act (17.1), the Minister responsible,


“may … constitute new bands and establish Band Lists with respect thereto from existing Band Lists, or from the Indian Register, if requested to do so by persons proposing to form the new bands.”


Michel Callihoo Nation Society has begun exploratory discussions with the federal government. As a unified group, MCNS is working in the best interests of the Michel People, using Section 17 as a means of Band recognition under the Indian Act.


Learn more about Indian Act, Section 17.

Bill C-38

Bill C-38 for a hopeful future

Bill C-38 went into the second reading on October 20, 2023. Canada first introduced Bill C-38, an Act to amend the Indian Act (new registration entitlements), on December 14, 2022. This legislation, if ultimately passed by Parliament, is intended to address four areas:


  • Enfranchisement,

  • Individual deregistration,

  • Natal (birth) band reaffiliation, and

  • Addressing outdated and offensive language related to dependant persons.


The proposed amendment is not just important to the Treaty No. 6 descendants of Michel Band #472, but serves as an example of the reconciliation process across Canada.


Learn more about Bill C-38.


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