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Michel Callihoo Nation Society (MCNS)

The Friends of Michel Society, The Descendants of Michel First Nation Association, The Unity Group, Michel Band United for Justice, and The Michel Corporation entered into a protocol agreement in 2022 unifying to become Michel Callihoo Nation Society (MCNS). The groups who now make up MCNS agreed to wind down their individual societies, associations, and corporations, ending in 2025.


We are committed to working collaboratively, engaging in meaningful conversations and exploratory discussions with Indigenous Services Canada in the best interest of the Descendants of Michel Band #472. Our protocol agreement’s principles are reflected in MCNS’s incorporating documents.


It is our honour to represent the Descendants of Michel Band #472 in these discussions, united as Michel Callihoo Nation Society. Michel Callihoo Nation Society is facilitating exploratory discussions with Canada, seeking the creation of a new Band under the Indian Act. MCNS will also help Descendants who may qualify for Indian Status under the new proposed legislation to apply. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.


What you need to know


  • MCNS is an advisory group only. 

  • The ultimate decision about Band creation is entirely within the discretion of the responsible Minister of Indigenous Services Canada, under section 17(1)(b) of the Indian Act. Canada, through the provisions of the Indian Act, is responsible for establishing Indian Status.


“Our mission is to find our relations, come together, and work with Canada to create a new Nation, restoring our inherent Treaty rights.
Our families deserve a Nation to call home.”

Our Representatives

MCNS is composed of members from each of the five previous membership groups who have equal influence within all MCNS discussions and decisions. The current representatives serving on MCNS are:

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