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Bill S-3: Eliminating known sex-based inequities in registration

Bill S-3 amended the Indian Act on December 22, 2017 and, notably, August 15, 2019.

Bill S-3 addressed the following sex-based inequities:

  1. First cousins, whose grandmother lost her entitlement to registration due to marriage, were no longer treated differently in the registration process.

  2. Women who were born outside of marriage to entitled fathers between 1951 and 1985 were no longer treated differently in the registration process.

  3. Children who were born of entitled parents or an entitled mother between 1951 and 1985, who could lose entitlement to registration if they had been minors at the time of their mother's marriage to a non-entitled man, were no longer treated differently in the registration process.

  4. Bill S-3 provided flexibility for the Indian Registrar to consider various forms of evidence in determining entitlement to registration, when a person didn't know who their parents, grandparent or ancestor was.

  5. And, notably, Bill S-3 removed the 1951 cut-off date in August, 2019; ensuring the entitlement of all descendants of women who lost Status or whose names were removed from Band lists for marrying non-entitled men going back to 1869.

The removal of the cut-off date recognized descendants of women who married non-entitled men the same as descendants of men who married non-entitled women. This means that there are possibly descendants of Michel Band #472 who are entitled to Indian Status who may not know it. Follow the link below for more information on Bill S-3.


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